Tricky WhatsApp Puzzle with Answers to Challenge Friends

So friends we are back with the new puzzle for you. This WhatsApp puzzle with answers is buzzing around “Which Cup Get Filled Firstly “. Lots of people are solving this puzzle and also share with their friends, family member. In this puzzle, we get a picture with 7 interconnected cups and a tap opened and we have to guess which cup will fill first. So check this out-

Which Cup Get Filled Firstly | WhatsApp Puzzle with Answers

which cup will fill first - whatsapp puzzle with answers

Many people are trying to solve this puzzle and they got fail to solve this puzzle. We got this puzzle from WhatsApp and this is the picture of that puzzle we get from WhatsApp and this puzzle has a tag line “99% will fail”, thus we have to try it and have try to give the correct answer and prove that we are among the 1% who will solve this puzzle.

Now we get to the puzzle and according to this picture of the puzzle, has Cup 3 will fill first, because it is connected to Cup 1 and Cup 1 has a lower point which are connected to the Cup 3 and Cup 3 has a lower point which is connected to the Cup 4 so Cup 4 will fill the first as you think but Cup 4 has a pipeline which are connected to Cup 3 has no opening point. Then Some people may answer Cup 7, BUT that will be wrong because the pipe to Cup 2 is an upper end of Cup 1 and yeah moreover Cup 7 has a hole.

So, the ANSWER here is Cup 3.

This is where the bouncer comes in, and many people will ask how Cup 3 will fill first because Cup 3 has 2 opening point first is lower and second is upper and you know that lower point has no opening point so first Cup 3 will fill half and then Cup 5 will Fill first But you haven’t see the clear image that Cup 5 Pipeline is also Blocked.

Now many people ask and give their answer that Cup 8 will fill fist and there is no Cup 8 in this picture and we will provide you also the second image of the puzzle.

This is the second picture-

which cup will fill first - whatsapp puzzle with answers to play with friends

Now, when we look in this picture there is no Cup 8. So how will cup 8 will fill first. The pipe arrangement is totally different here, the pipe to Cup 3 is blocked so your answer 3.

Check it mate, its a trap !!

So, basically, its a tricky question where the sender sends you two different pictures and when you look at the first picture you think Cup 4 will fill first but the correct answer is Cup 3 will fill first. Read more blogs..

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