The Craze for Jolo Chips Challenge

What is the Jolo Chips Challenge?

Today in this blog we are going to tell you about the ‘World’s Spiciest Chip‘ Aka the Jolo Chip is a chip that’s extremely spicy and hot. This chip is originated from Mexico and its world’s spiciest and hotest chip. You know indian peoples always love spicy and hot food and their craze for spicy food is next level and this chips is ‘Real spice in India’. Now you are thinking that who that chip is the world hotest and spiciest chip and how this chip is spiciest and who make this chip spiciest. Well, Jolo chip comprise of the hottest spices, the Carolina Reaper with Corn, Canola Oil, Edible Active Charcoal Powder, Trinidad Scorpion, Ghost Pepper, Jalapeno Spice, Iodized Salt, Calcium Propionate (E282) and Sodium Propionate (E281) makes this hall of flame.

The excitement around this chip is next level and many people tried this chip as a challenge and people called and named this jolo chip as the ‘Hot as Hell’! Jolo Chip is a vegetarian product priced at Rs.199. Since the Jolo chips are so affordable and easily available on Amazon and Flipkart, the masses are very intrigued to order Jolo chip online.

The Jolo chip challenge started from the fact that this chip is called ‘The World’s Spiciest Chip’. Its too hot and spicy if you touch jolo chip then your fingers are also burinig from species. If you bite a little bit Jolo chip then you have to drink Milk and Juice to recover from spicies. Because of this, a lot of people wanted to take up challenges to test their spice tolerance. Many YouTubers like Scout, Mortal, Mr. Indian Hacker, Crazy XYZ etc., especially came up with the challenge, asking their friends and family members to try out the chips. The challenge went viral with the hashtag #jolochipchallenge.

Why is Jolo Chips so Popular?

Jolo Chips Challenge

There are many reason why the Jolo chip is trending in India it’s because of the way it is packaged and its looking. Its packing is too scary and they also write Note on their pacakege and its Too Dangerous in looking. Black and blood red colours body show in the package with a white & red ghost skull on top of the package of Jolo Chip, this make the packaging very scary and deadly. You know indian people always tried the trending things and they always love to tried scary and dangerous things like Jolo Chips and dragon fruits. The Jolo chip is like the forbidden fruit, mysterious, attractive, exciting thing so these things make the Jolo chip very popular in people and not tasting it would be like missing out on the trend. Tasting the ‘forbidden fruit’ A.K.A, the Jolo chip gives people a feeling of accomplishment and victory. Jolo chip holds the Guinness World Record for the hottest chilli and ghost pepper and a chipotle flavouring for an extra kick to us. Tasting the Jolo chips and surviving from the test of spice would give us an extra boost of confidence. That is the idea behind the popularity of the Jolo Chips Challenge.

Want to Try The Jolo Chip Challenge?

Indian peoples are heavily influenced by the west culture and their lifestyle and since the Jolo chip had spread like wildfire in places like Canada and Mexico, not introducing these Jolo chips and challenge in India would have been a grave mistake.

The excitement about the Jolo chip in people is another level and every person in India is also want to try this challenge with their friends and family members. This challenge is spreading in India is like a wildfire and not want to stop and kids also want to try this challenge. By eating the Jolo chip which almost seems like a near-death experience, after tasting and beating this we get the feeling that we have conquered and win the ‘Hall of Hell’! We feel that we have conquered death because the Jolo chips are ‘Hot as Hell’.

What is the Price of Jolo Chip? How to Place Jolo Chips Order?

Jolo Chips Challenge

If you also want to be a part of these Million of people who have tried the Jolo Chip Challenge. If you are looking for Jolo chip challenge and want to order online, then you are at the right place. Jolo chips is easily available online and you can order jolo chip anytime online. Now you are wondering what is the price of Jolo chip. Then you can check Jolo chips price in Amazon, and order your stock from there so that you do not miss out on the Jolo Chip Challenge. So, place your Jolo chips order now and buy Jolo chips online without missing on anything.

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