List of Best Pen Hookah Buy Online and Reviews

Pen Hookah is a buzz word among youngsters. Earlier people used to have hookah at a particular place like bars, restaurants, apartments, or home. These come in different flavors, like mint, chocolate, cappuccino, apple and many more. So to make things easy for you we have created a list of best pen hookah. Click here to check best e pen hookah.

Hookah is used to smoke like cigarette which is specially made of tobacco. These waterpipes uses mixtures of tobacco in a lot of flavors. You may have heard of hookah in villages, those are big hookahs (made of water pipe, a bowl and a hose) which takes some area while sitting around with friends or family. Whereas pen hookah is small and easy to commute. These pen hookahs are also known as narghile or shisha.

Best Pen Hookah

1. Pachamama Synthetic Disposable

Pachamama Synthetic Disposable - Best Pen Hookah

Pachamama Synthetic Disposable, these are newly designed and have modern vapor technology. These are one of the top-quality vape pens available in the market as of now. These vape pens have 50MG pure synthetic nicotine. Pachamama have approximately 1200 puffs. This perfect vape pen are portable and easy to use. Battery performance of Pachamama vape pens is 700mAh. These look funky in hands and have number of flavors for you. It got recognition for its focused flavor creations. It has become a popular brand among others. Pachamama has affordable price range.

2. NEwhere Hookah Pens

NEwhere Hookah Pens - Best Pen Hookah

NEwhere is a premium vape product available in the market, one of the biggest brand in pen hookah industry. You can get these products in stores or get it online. These pens come in many flavors and it has launched new flavours like Pina Colada, Pink Lemonade and Big Melons. These flavors gives you sweet tastes, according to some online forums. It uses battery and has zero-nicotine. NEwhere can last up to 800 puffs, forums cited. These come at affordable prices and you can get it at various online platforms. NEwhere is easy to use and very compact.

3. Fog X Magnum

Fog X Magnum - Best Pen Hookah

Fog X Magnum is a rechargeable hookah pen which comes in different flavors. It get charged through USB port. It provides roughly 5000 puffs (with recharging capabilities). This hookah pen powered by 1300mAh built-in battery. It also has 9ml pre-filled pod with different flavors like strawberry wafer, white grape ice, lush ice, strawberry banana ice, lychee ice, orange tang ice, banana ice, mango ice. Fog X Magnum is quite affordable and one of the long-lasting disposable device. It has integrated batter of about 650mAh. It come pre-filled 10ml capacity.

4. White Rhino Blacklight

White Rhino Blacklight - Best Pen Hookah

White Rhino Blacklight is one the best edition and it is growing incessantly with fabulous e-hookah products. The Blacklight disposable e-hookah is the perfect portable device comes in this segment. It is best companion for e-hookah lovers which comes at affordable price. It comes in two different nicotine levels. These levels contain 6mg and 24mg of nicotine. Out of 10 flavors available in the market, menthol and tobacco contain 24mg of nicotine while others 6mg. White Rhino Blacklight can generate a minimum of 600 puffs. It can be your option to choose, and you can take them anyplace as it is convenient and lightweight.

5. Yaya Max Disposable

800-Puff e-Hookah - Best Pen Hookah

Yaya Max disposables hookah pens are the best choice for someone who is looking for some good quality vape pens that lasts long. It has different flavors available in the market. It comes in cool mint, appple, kiwi, honey coco, watermelon, mango with menthol and many more. These much of flavors are enough to attract vapers towards it. Yaya Max vape pens battery performance is very good, 1000mAh. It’s battery can easily generate about 1500 puffs, sometimes more, which last through some days. These vape pens has 50mg of Nicotine in it.


People thinks it is less harmful, but these can have same health risks as cigarette for your body and affect in future. Over consumption should be avoided of any such substance which deteriorate your health.
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