Latest Best Watches Brands for Women – Updated List

There are thousands brands of women watches in India. Choosing a best watch can be a difficult task for a women. So, if you are looking for latest best watches brands for women, in addition to their features, read through this article, you will get to know about the top watches in India. To make it easy for you we have made a list of different types of watches in addition to their brand names which makes it easy to find a perfect watch for you. A good quality watch can improve your persona in front of others. wherever you are going either it is functions or any social events a watch can complete your OOTD (Out Of The Day).

Latest Best Watches Brands for Women

A wrist watch is designed worn around the wrist which is attached by watch strap or other type of bracelet like metal bands, leather bands or other type of bands. There’s a lot of brands But only some are reach a level of place. Each Brand has unique features that make it stand out. watches comes in different types of colors, designs and patterns. watches comes in different types of shapes and sizes. Whenever you are going to buy a watch you must consider your style and comfort.

Our Top Picks Watches Brands For Women

  1. Titan Women’s Watch

2. Fossil Women’s Watch

3. Fastrack women’s Watch

4. Chumbak Women’s Watch

5. Casio Women’s Watch

6. Daniel Wellington Women’s Watch

7. Sonata Women’s Watch

8. Maxima Women’s Watch

9. Giordano Women’s Watch

10. French Connection Women’s Watch

1. Titan Watches for Women

Titan company is an Indian Products Company which mainly create watches, eyewear and jewellery. Titan has been in business for over many years. Its headquartered is situated in Bangalore, India. Titan is one of the largest brand watch maker in India. The company gets 80% of revenues from the jewellery. The company has 6% Share in India Jewellery Market. Titan is alsothe fifth largest brand brand in the world.

Features of the Titan – Watches Brand for Women

  1. The Titan Watches made with solid Brass Case.
  2. The Titan Watches are very classic it can go with any outfits or any occasion.
  3. The Titan Watches are water resistant for up to 30 Meters.
  4. The Titan Watches has 24 Months manufacturer warranty on manufacturing defects.

2. Fossil Watches for Women

Fossil is an US Brand which is an founded in 1984 by Tom Kartsoits. Fossil grabs the attention easily towards its top notch products. Their main collection was fashion watches with a classic look. The Fossil women watch gives property like stainless steel case, bracelet, Mineral crystal and japanese quartz movements. The Fossil Brand have the variety of colors, shapes and styles which can go with any outfits or you can wear on any kind of occasion. Fossil watches are durable. If you are looking for a watch that is glassy or stylish so you must go with fossil watches.

Features Of The Fossil – Watches Brand for Women

  1. The Fossil watch color of this watch is silver with round shape.
  2. The Fossil Watch band color is silver and band material is stainless steel.
  3. The fossil watch movement type is Quartz and Watch Display Type is analog.
  4. Fossil Watches are water resistant is up 50 Meters.

3. Fastrack Watches for Women

The Fastrack founded in 1998. The fastrack become the one of the most purchased brand in India. This Brand is sub – Brand of Titan. This Brand become as an Independent Brand in 2005 which is targeting the urban youth and growing their fashion in India. The first Fasttrack store was open in 2009. They have opened several stores throughout the country. The Fasttrack watches comes in variety of colors and styles which can go with any outfits or any kind of Occasions.

Features of Fasttrack – Watches Brand for Women

  1. The Fasttrack watch color is Black and the case shape is round.
  2. The fasttrack watch movement type is quartz and watch display type is analog.
  3. The fasttrack watch 24 months manufacturer warranty and 6 months battery warranty.
  4. Fasttrack watches are water resistant up to 3 meters.

4. Chumbak Watches for Women

The Chumbak Brand Founded In 2012 by Shubhra and Vivek Prabhakar. The Chumbak Watches designed with a beautiful range of colors and materials. They have variety of colors, shapes and sizes. Each Chumbak watch made up to high quality materials and even they all are waterproof. These watches goes with any outfits and you can wear on any occasion. Who wants to look stunning and stylish can wear Chumbak watches.

Features Of Chumbak – Watches Brand for Women

  1. This Chumbak Watch is made up of PU & leather.
  2. This chumbak watch Dial made up of Brass.
  3. It has One year warranty on mechanism.
  4. This Chumbak watch is waterproof.

5. Casio Watches for Women

The Casio Watch is an Japanese Brand. The Casio was founded in 1946 by Tadao Kashio and Toshio Kashio. The Casio Watch Brand is generally knows for manufacturing electronics instruments, calculators and watches. The Casio Headquarters in Tokyo. The Casio Brand exports its products to Several Countries and get a lot of attention towards its own products. The Casio women’s watches are waterproof.

Features of Casio – Watches Brand for Women

  1. The Casio Watch Dial Color is Black and Shape is Round.
  2. The Casio Watch Movement type is Quartz and Watch Display type is analog.
  3. The Casio watch has 2 years of Domestic Warranty .
  4. The Casio watch water resistant is up to 30 meters

6. Daniel Wellington Watches for Women

The Daniel Wellington is a Swedish Brand. The Daniel Wellington Founded in 2011 Filip Tysander. Since the beginning The brand has sold more than 6 million watches. The Daniel Wellington headquarters in Central Stockholm, Sweden. The Daniel Wellington Brand exports its products more than 25 countries across the world.

Features Of Daniel Wellington – Watches Brand for Women

  1. Since Its Silver, It can Go with any Outfits or any Occasion.
  2. The Daniel Wellington Watches mainly designed for women looking for a unique piece to elevate their look.
  3. The Daniel Wellington Watch collection is available in stainless steel with a vibrant silver finish.
  4. The Daniel wellington watch are waterproof.

7. Sonata Watches for Women

Sonata is an Indian Brand. Sonata has already been one of the trusted brand in India. The Sonata brand is subsidiary of Titan. Peoples can easily find its watches near by stores or online shops. The Sonata watch is most liked brand in India. The Sonata Watches are the perfect for any occasion whether any it would be a job interview.

Features Of Sonata – Watches Brand for Women

  1. The Sonata brand have all types of collection like fashion watches , daily wear and fashionable.
  2. The Sonata Watch has 1 year Warranty on manufacturing defects.
  3. The sonata watch shape is Round and band color is Silver.
  4. The sonata watches are waterproof.

8. Maxima Watches for Women

The Maxima is an Indian Brand. The Maxima Brand is launched in 1990 by Mr GS Purewal. The Maxima is the largest selling watch brand in India. women can find best quality watch at reasonable price. The Maxima brand have amazing collection women’s watches and they have all types of watches.

Features Of Maxima – Watches Brand for Women

  1. The Maxima Watch Dial color is Black and Case shape is Round.
  2. The Maxima Watch movement type is Quartz and watch Display Type is Analog.
  3. The Maxima is water resistant up to 30 meters.
  4. The Maxima watch has 2 years warranty on manufacturing defects.

9. Giordano Watches for Women

The Giordano is an International brand which located in Hongkong. The Giordano Brand founded in 1981 by jimmy Lai. The Giordano has 9100 Staff and more than 2100 Shops in 30 Countries. Women’s can find huge collection of watches and accessories under Giordano. The Giordano brand expanded its business into countries like China, Taiwan and India.

Features Of Giordano – Watches Brand for Women

  1. The Giordano watch dial color is Blue and the shape is Round.
  2. The Giordano Watch Type is Quartz and Watch Display Type is Analog.
  3. The Giordano Watch has 1 year of warranty from the date of purchase.
  4. The Giordano watch is not Waterproof.

10. French Connection Watches for Women

The French Connection is an UK Brand. It was founded in 1972 by stephen Marks. The French Connection based in London. The French Connection is knows for their clothing and accessories, watches. The French Connection Made its name Indian Market As well. They have amazing collection of all types of watches.

Features Of French Connection – Watches Brand for Women

  1. The French Connection watch is fully smart watch.
  2. French Connection Smartwatch Endure functions for up to 14 days on a single charge and has a standby time of 30 days.
  3. Receive all your text and call notifications, reminders and weather forecast right on your wrist.
  4. You can also control your music player and camera with the watch.
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