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Over the past 2 years, Bella Vita Organic has made consistent moves toward its approach and portfolio. The brand ethos is absolutely clear. It is an excellent fusion of the quality of luxury brands, packaging encouraged by minimal design, and portfolio equal to a mass Indian brand while maintaining prices similar to famous FMCG brands easily reasonable by everyone.

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Cosmetics, Fragrances, Skin Care Products

Let us translate what the team at Bella Vita Organic has been up to. This is one sure read for all skincare specialists who love to try amazing skincare and natural beauty products.

Bella Vita Organic has picked up the best from each of the following brands and created its niche as an Indian brand in the ayurvedic and natural beauty products space.

Product Quality Matching Kama Ayurveda

Kama Ayurveda is a market leader in natural skincare products and makes amazing quality creams, gels, oils, and lotions. Bella Vita Organic has surely taken inspiration from its products and has created similar textures, aromas, packaging quantity, and concern-relevant products.

Clean & Beautiful Packaging Inspired By Forest Essentials

Bella Vita Organic has recently enhanced its packaging and OMG is brilliantly neat, minimal, classy, and practical at the same time. They use recycled plastic which happens to be more sustainable as compared to other options.

Wellness Products Portfolio Similar To Himalaya Wellness

The team at Bella Vita Organic is leaving no stone unturned. They are venturing into various domains and are ensuring a plethora of natural skincare and wellness products for everyone from pregnant mothers, to acne problemed teens while not losing focus on men grooming and everyday wellness products. Their new range of luxury perfumes has won my heart already.

Affordable Pricing Similar To Biotique

Being a digital-first luxury yet affordable natural skincare brand in India, Bella Vita Organic has ensured that they keep their product quantities generous and the pricing affordable. It’s a big help for the Middle class and part-time students like myself who aspire to buy expensive products just because of their quality but often can’t afford them.

Bella Vita Organic has brought high-quality yet affordable skincare, natural wellness, and beauty products under the umbrella of Indian Ayurveda. To know more about Bella Vita Organic and to check out their collection, visit Bella Vita Organic: Natural & Ayurvedic Beauty Care Products or visit their Instagram page.

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