CoinDCX Coupon Codes Get Now

I am back with a new CoinDCX coupon code Get100, in which you will get Rs.100 Bitcoin free by using it in your CoinDCX app.

I will be giving you working CoinDCX coupon codes and showing you how to apply them to your wallet. Let’s get started.

You can only use these Coindcx Coupon Codes if you are a new user of the CoinDcx App. This offer provides you with an opportunity to create accounts and earn money without having your KYC verified.

CoinDCX Coupon Code 2023

Enter Coindcx Coupon code 2023 Get100  to get Rs.100 Free Bitcoin On Coin Dcx.

App NameCoindcx
Coupon CodeBonus
NEW201Free Rs.201 BTC
TAKE151Free Rs.151 BTC
Coindcx Coupon Code TodayGRABIT
NEW100Rs.100 Free Bitcoin
GET100Free Rs.100 BTC

Coindcx New Offer 2023

They are back with a new offer where you will get 300 Rs by referring the Coin Dcx App to your friends or Family members and they Also Get Rs.100 Bitcoin On their Coin Dcx App. So let’s see the steps

1. If you have not downloaded the Coindcx app on your phone, then download it

2. Once your download completes, open the app. Now sign up for the app by entering your details.

3. Then Do your KYC on Coin Dcx and Then Verify Your Bank Details.

4. Deposit Minimum amount on Coin Dcx and Then Buy Your First Coin Then You will Get Rs.100

5. Then you can refer this app to your Friend they also do the same Process then You will Get Rs.300 Eth and Your friends also receive Rs.100 Eth

CoinDCX Coupon

Remember Coindcx This offer is for new users only, Old users who have completed KYC but have not taken any trade are also eligible for this offer.

Coindcx Coupon Code is GET100.

6. Once you apply this coupon code, now you have to complete your KYC and follow the below steps

7. Then you have to buy any coin of the money you added. You can buy DOGE, MATIC, BITCOIN, ETHERUM, LUNA, SAND, Shiba Inu, ADA, etc.

New Coindcx Working Code

Working New coindcx coupon code is GET100, where you will get Rs.100 sign-up bonus by using the code. This offer is valid for new users only.

  • Use Coindcx code GET100.
  • The offer is valid for new users.

You can enjoy Rs.100 free Bitcoin by applying code GET100. This offer is for new users. 100% Working offer.

  • The user will get Rs.100 Free bonus.
  • This offer is for new users only.
  • People who sign up after the 17th of October, 2022 can redeem this code.
CoinDCX Coupon Codes

CoinDcx Coupon Code for Existing Users

If you are an old user and searching for a Coindcx code for old users then you can use GET100, where you will get Rs.100 free Bitcoin. You can also use PAYTM100 to enjoy an extra Rs.100 free Bitcoin.

Coindcx Diwali Offer Code 2023

Old users can get Rs.200 free Bitcoin. Earlier Coindcx app was not offering any signup bonus for old users but this Diwali, they came up with a good offer. In this offer, old users can easily get Rs.200 bitcoin by applying code DIWALI200Remember this Coindcx go coupon code is for old users as well as new users.

  • In this offer, you will get Rs.200 free BTC in India.
  • The offer is valid for old users as well as new users.

About CoinDCX App

Using this app, you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies in India. Besides short-term and long-term holdings of cryptocurrencies. Its headquarters are located in Mumbai and it was developed in 2018.

If you are a beginner and want to invest your money in Cryptocurrencies, then this app is best for you. This app will give you everything you need. There is another app called CoinDCX for more experienced traders.

There is another app for beginners i.e., CoinSwitch which is giving a 50% referral bonus.

Features of App

Fast & Simple

CoinDCX Features of App

The Coindcx app is very fast and easy to use. It takes 10 minutes to start investing in crypto with this app. You simply need to complete your registration, then apply code GET100 after registration to receive Rs.100 free bitcoin. After this, you will have to do KYC and then you will have to add funds to your account before you can start investing in cryptocurrency.

Safe & Secure

Coindcx Go App Features

Your investments are in safe hands with their app, which has world-class security features that guarantees that they are protected. It has gained the trust of over 7.5 million users. It has been estimated that about Rs.75 billion worth of cryptocurrency has been bought using this app. Over 95% of all funds on CoinDCX are stored in multi-signature cold storage devices.

How to Get Started with Coindcx

1. Create an account

How to Create Account in Coindcx

Sign up with your email id and phone number in just 5 min. For creating you need to download their app. Once you download the app, just open it and click on sign up. Then enter your name, mobile number, and email id and create a password that you can remember easily. Once you fill these just click on sign up. Read more – Crypto.com Referral code

2. Getting Free Bitcoin in India

CoinDCX Coupn Code

Many users in India want free bitcoin. So coindcx is here with their codes which you will apply after completing your registration process. They have a bundle of codes that you will apply after signing up and you will earn free bitcoin. Below are the working coupon codes.

  • TAKE201 – This code will help you to get Rs.201 free bitcoin in India.
  • TAKE151 – Using this code you can earn Rs.151 BTC in India.
  • GET100 – Enter this code after signing up you will enjoy Rs.100 free balance in your wallet.
  • PAYTM100 – This code will help you to get Rs.100 extra BTC.

So by using these above codes you will earn approx Rs.552 free bitcoin in India.

3. Add funds to Wallet

How to Add Fund in Coindcx App

For adding funds first you need to complete KYC. Once you complete your KYC, now you have to verify your bank details by entering your bank name, bank account number, and name. Now add money Remember, the Minimum amount to be added is Rs.100 but I will suggest you add a minimum of Rs.500.

We are sure that you have enjoyed CoinDCX Rs.500 free Bitcoin offer, the offer is still running, if you are a new user, check out the post to get Rs.500 free BTC into your CoinDCX wallet.

How to Sign Up in the App?

1. First of all download the CoinDCX app from the play store

2. After downloading the app just open it, on top you will see Sign Up for free option just click on it

CoinDCX sign up

3. Then enter your details like your name, mobile number, and email id, and create a new password

4. Once you have filled out the form and clicked on Sign up, you will receive an email and a phone verification code, just enter them and verify.

5. That’s it your registration process is completed, now follow the below steps to apply your coupon code.

How to Apply CoinDCX Coupon Code

1. Once your registration and verification process is completed, then on the app dashboard, you will see a banner of Do you have a coupon code? as shown below

CoinDCX Coupon Code

2. Now there enter the CoinDCX coupon code to get Rs.100 worth of free Bitcoin

Coindcx app Coupon Code: GET100

What is CoinDCX?

CoinDCX is a Crypto Investment App. Download and Invest in Bitcoin, Ethereum, & Other Altcoins with CoinDCX.

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