Best Dog Food Brands in India

The number of dog lovers in India has increased a lot. In today’s modern era, almost every household will see a Pet dog, which is considered a member of the house. If many dogs are outside India, then food is also seen in them in different ways than in their country.


In such a situation, one thing comes out the way we need nutritious elements and food for us humans, in the same way, animals also need a large number of nutrients and food, although we humans have many for their maintenance to take care of their maintenance Produces foods.
But animals cannot produce food by themselves, they have to depend on another to nurture themselves. In animals like dogs, food and nutritious elements are also required. Grain and sugar become harmful for dogs, so there are many companies making separate food for them.

Types of Dog Foods

  • Dry Food
  • Wet Food
  • Semi-Moist Food
  • Vegetarian Food
  • Grain- food
  • Barf (Biologically appropriate raw food)

By the way, there are many brands in India that do special food manufacturing for dogs, some of these foods’ lists are given below: –

List Of Best Dog Food Brands Store In India

  1. Fresh for Pows
  2. Doggos
  3. Royal Canin
  4. Pedigree
  5. Supertails
  6. Heads Up for Tails
  7. Zigly
  8. Goofytails
  9. Wag & Love
  10. Acana
  11. Goodness Pet Food
  12. Fidele
  13. MeatUp
  14. Freshwoof

Fresh for Paws– It is specially made for allergies or sensitivity and is completely vegetarian. This is grain, Soya, and gluten-free which is beneficial for dogs. It is easily available in the market. Dogs are also very much preferred for parents who provide their dog’s friends delicious as well as other nutritious elements. If you want to eat a diet for your dog friend, then definitely try Fresh for Paws.


Doggos– If you want to give a tasty and nutritious diet to your dog friend, then Doggos will be excellent. Along with the taste, there are also natural flavors and all types of variety that your dog friend would like to eat with great pleasure. It is easily available in the market with very good quality in terms of brand.


Royal Canin – This brand is preferred and full of quality. Along with nutrients, it helps in fulfilling all the needs of your dog friend. The ingredients available in Royal Canin give the dogs a great taste in food and helps to keep fit, which makes the dogs feel agile.


Pedigree– As the name itself suggests, it is designed for every breed and size of food dogs which is delicious with the taste of eggs. Pedigree is a brand that is also very old and popular. Pedigree was developed on the basis of a study by the Waltham Center for Pet Nutrition. It contains 5% Crude Fibre, 22% Crude protein, and 10% crude fat which is beneficial in digestion.


Supertails is an Online Pet Store for Pet Supplies and Products. All types of food items, toys, clothes, beds, and vets are available here. supertalls make one-day delivery very easy, it is also very popular with reliable. The main reason for its popularity is timely delivery and good quality goods. If you want that you do not have to search for the product and get it easily, then you can take it from the online store of supertails with the best offer.

Heads Up for Tails-
Heads Up for Tails is India’s first and most popular pet food brand in the industry. Initially, they started with a very small shop and today they have more than 75 stores. Along with the online store, he also has an NGO named HUFT Foundation. Their main goal is to connect human beings with their pets and to increase love towards both. If you want that you do not have to search for the product and get it easily, then you can take it from the online store of HeadsUp for Tails with the best offer.

Get Best Deals

Zigly– zigly is India’s leading digital forts Omni channel retail platform that offer dog food, nutritional supplements, hygiene products, toys as well as veterinary medicine and training. Zigly serves as a platform for pet families looking for quality and affordable pet care while providing commensurate income opportunities for those who choose pet care as a profession zigly online Meets the needs of pet parents by It comes from a place of great love for pets ZIGLY’s founding teammates and All in their team of expert vets and caretakers, they are well-loved by the furry companions of the human race.

Goofytails– GoofyTails is a premium pet grooming company. It started as an information portal. However, it was a project that originated out of a health tragedy and a passion for animals that became a healer for the soul and body. The www.petclubindia.com information was designed as an aid to deal with every solution. Catering to a low-priced item at the time, pet clubs quickly skyrocketed with the dot com boom and became a business in the pet industry. When you buy a product from GoofyTails, a certain amount from that purchase goes towards the vaccination of street dogs in India.

Wag & Love–  wag & love pet is an online store dedicated to dog food. It is a family-run enterprise with a vision to bring about a change in the welfare of the pet community in India. Wag & Love is a small family-owned company and intends to remain so in the future. Inspired by dogs and their love, it is dedicated to a holistic approach to nutrition and a new age ultra-premium and natural dog food with affordability that dogs and their parents in India can trust. It is made in India fictional Europe.

ACANA– ACANA is one of the cheapest foods of good quality and is for all types of dogs. Dog parents can easily buy it easily in extremely tight perfect. It has been created by AAFCO which we can easily trust and will definitely save money by buying for dogs.

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